You can’t hit a target you can’t see

Do you want to know the biggest reason people aren’t happy?

It’s really simple, so simple in fact it’s why most people overlook it.

We don’t take the time to define the happy life we want.

Without defining the target, it’s difficult to orientate yourself and take aim. Your trajectory will be off, you’re your thoughts about timescales will be unrealistic. Which usually results in frustration and lots of negative self-talk.

I get why most people don’t do this work.

It feels indulgent, like something you do when you have time and nothing else to do. It doesn’t fit the model of conventional productivity and therefore conclude it’s idleness and for another time. Except the time never comes. You need to get past this idea.

If you’re serious about making some changes ‘take’ not ‘find’ time to sit down and define the target, the life that will make you happy.

When you have the target you can aim better, you know what to say yes to, what’s in the way. Use this as your map and compass.

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