You could choose better now

If you know me, you’ll know I’m an unashamed Apple fanboy. I consider it part of my 5 a day 😂

Apple kit has a reputation for being expensive and I didn’t want to spend that sort of money. Being reasonably technical, I used a Linux computer, Ubuntu, and made it look like a Mac. It made me feel good but required some investment to learn the system for which I had some level of kudos.

While learning, I heard the chief designer defend a challenge that they were copying Apple. His wonderful response was that they wanted to be better than Apple and they were in front, but you tend to get closer to those in front before you overtake them.

I love this response, but it masks two important principles…
1) You have to aspire to be better.
2) Better is relative to the user.

So, if better is relative, you don’t need to wait. You could choose better now.

Choose what a new relative better could be and do/be that.

You don’t even have to get closer. You can leapfrog.

Better isn’t for everyone, better is for someone. That first someone should be you.

If you are lost for inspiration in a business context, your biggest source of better is your unique authenticity.

What could a new better be for you, I’d love to know!?

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