Your problem and the solution is a story

I love movies, especially good vs evil ones!

Great movies are masterfully acted and directed. They’re so Immersive we can dispel reality and forget we’re on the sofa watching. When that happens our sense of reality changes so much, we feel everything the actors are feeling and everything the director wants us to feel. It’s a wonderful experience.

The really cool thing is it’s just a story, it’s not real but we have the experience of it like it’s real.

Now, this is hard to believe but our relative experience/reality is just a story we’re telling ourselves.

It’s like a movie we call life. We feel whatever we see in the movie.

If we tell ourselves a powerful story, we feel powerful. If we tell a story of being a victim, we feel low and helpless.

But it’s just a story.

You can learn to see yourself as always being on the sofa. Nice and safe and having a wonderful experience.

When you’re ready for that let’s talk.

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