You’re out of control!

So much of what we’re doing in life is to exert a level of control.

We’re looking to control outcomes because we have preferences.

We try to control our partners, children, the people we want to sell to, the people we engage with and what they will think about us.

When you allow yourself to consider it, you might realise it’s about keeping yourself safe or ‘ok’. The simple truth is that we’re not really in control of anything that’s “out there”, we can influence for sure, but we’re not really in control.

So it begs the question…why bother?

I wonder if there is a better option…

What if we were to realise that there is no real control except for how we respond to what shows up?

What if we dropped the preferences and embraced the opportunity to choose how we respond. To live in ultimate choice and be in full control our of lives.

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